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Welcome to our website

For information or assistance no matter what subject

 please contact Eric or Quader at  Dream Divers:

 Dream Master and Dream Island are available for scientific survey/charter operating out of Jeddah and all and any authorized Coast Guard docks on the Western Seaboard being supported from  from any of our four Marinas and Tourist Villages in Jazzan, Al-Lith, Jeddah and Yanbu.
Dream Divers has completed successfully surveys with B.G.P. Arabian Oil ltd, Mobily fiber optic, University of Hawaii, University of Kiel Germany, Aramco Geo Thermal with Saudi Arabian Geological Survey, ongoing annual surveys with King Abdullah University for Science and Technology and Woods Hole of America.

latest update as of 21st November 2018.

Daddy Xavier sends his best regards to everyone, he is leaving the Kingdom exit only very soon, he says his young wife needs him at home in Goa or she will take a secret lover, what to do? take care dad keep in touch all our love without you we could not have come this far, you are for sure gonna be missed many Companies say this but Dream Divers know it.

Back to updates.

 Just completed seven months with Dream Island in the North surveying in the Al-Wadje Lagoon North of Ummludj and the Khariba/Sharma lagoon down as far South as Dubbah and North to Shiek Hmayd very close to the Islands of Tiran and Sanafiya which we did not dive, at night when at anchor listening to the beat of the music in discos over on the Egypt side, this on the NEOM Project 2030. 

The International Airport in Al-Wadje is completed and on the Northern NEOM site many construction projects also, we were surveying with the Greek and Omani Teams it all went well.

I was somewhat disappointed in the quality of dive sites if diving is to be a major part of the Project, but after all the survey sites are mostly large Lagoons and the outer reefs were rarely visited except for work and the temperatures were so bad we just wanted to get in and out. 
You never know the Chinese Wreck is in the Al Wadje lagoon area at least that is something, we at Dream Divers do become quite arrogant diving all the time unlike most other guests to the Kingdom and seeing 30 Whale Sharks on the surface documented by KAUST, Hammer heads swimming thru hundreds of Barracuda, Sail Fish thrashing and destroying a sardine boil, so we really should get our heads around the local diving, i can imagine that someone participating in a try dive in the development areas would love it even qualifying it would be great, what i am thinking about are the Dive Groups and Dive Associations coming for Dive Tourism for them i am sure it would not impress, the area the Resorts, stilt cabins, Island Huts for sure but serious pleasure diving i dont think, just my opinion and i have been doing this for many years so yes it may work for the new divers. 
We did see some interesting sites most notably the Du-gong or Sea Cow or in Arabic i think writing as you speak Buggara al Bahar and a species of Dolphin i did not know existed in the Red Sea.

Anyhow it all went well, but during the winter months not good at all maximum you can dive is two per day or dry suit no joke it was awful trying to recover scientific instruments, spiders etc, real Brass Monkey weather in the 18 centigrade range, for us growing up in the Kingdom that is Arctic ice diving.
Both boats now in Al-Lith waiting for the New Year and the cooler temperatures get the big stuff up especially the Hammerheads, out most weekends with some slots still available, have been informed that the Government is trying for International Tourism in January 2019 we will keep everyone informed.

With best regards

Eric and Crew

This is our email contact


Dear guests for live aboard  charters surveys and Diver Services or just any help or information we have been here or i have for 43 years, please contact.

Eric:                           00966505582723


Quader Ali:                00966549202159

For Male or Female requiring English language diving Instruction Please contact:

 Ms Maggi            00966504618367.

 Thanks & regards

   Eric and Crew


Saudi Arabia having the longest coastline of any country bordering the Red Sea, the Eastern seaboard of the Red Sea certainly has some of the most exiting diving to be found, unlike Egypt, Saudi Arabia has two Liveaboard dive boats and one Liveaboard operator, therefore ensuring no other Dive boats to be seen sometimes a fishing boat but even that is rare, a fact that still after fourteen years of successful operation, thanks to God, our guests still remark upon.

we do thank you for your support and are trying to improve the operation as we go on, we must improve one of our Zodiacs and on Dream Master our main engine cruising speed, the Captains and Crew i believe no improvement is possible, maybe in a couple of them there looks but guys at least there mothers love them.

again thank you for your support.

Eric and Crew