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Welcome to our website

For Dive Charters, daily, weekend, long weekend or extended range, Scientific surveys, on board accommodation and food service including Diver services please contact Eric or Quader at  Dream Divers:

 Dream Master and Dream Island are available for commercial survey/charter operating out of Jeddah and Al-Lith, available anywhere on the West Coast of Saudi Arabia having support from any of our four Marinas and Tourist Villages in Jazzan, Al-Lith, Jeddah and Yanbu.
Having completed successfully surveys with B.G.P.Arabian Oil ltd, Mobily fiber optic, University of Hawaii, University of Kiel Germany, Aramco Geo Thermal with Saudi Arabian Geological Survey, ongoing annual surveys with King Abdullah University for Science and Technology and Woods Hole of America.

latest update as of 23rd October 2016.

Just completed long weekend in Rabiqh, according to my Philipino Crew when there is a full moon the current and tide is very high, well there was a full moon, the sea level was the same but the current on every reef and there are only Five hence the name the Five Sisters was outrages just like peddling a bicycle have never seen that before, one time in Al-Wedje with Aramco i had a great drift dive going South but in Rabiqh they were going North and scary thinking about diver pick up,

I and Doc were the ones to buck the system diving without between us a S.M.B. i can now tell you the honest Gods truth, every group i dive with in future will carry one and it would be great if  every diver would do so.
On the third dive of the second day Doc and i we were standing on the reef for 33 min the current took us along the wall so fast that knowing we were putting distance between us and the Liveabard that we did surface after 30 min, our decision to stand on the reef was the possibility of the current on the surface taking even us further away, along the reef wall or out from the reef, the crew and the guests remaining on board noticed us but as we were standing solid and not moving they thought we were corral heads (we were standing solid in case we got bowled over by the waves breaking in that section of the reef) hence no dancing and waving of arms, there was no Danger of not getting picked up as when a S.M.B. with another group did surface opposite our position the liveaboard and the pick up Zodiac left the mooring location immediately coming to the S.M.B. location.
The conclusion to this story is, it does not  matter if you have 1 or 1,000 dives, current or no current carry a S.M.B.

The Dive sites were out of this world on Maria Plateau you could not see the hard corral for soft corral, you could not see the soft corral for reef fish on the tip of the Plateau at 42 meters two grey sharks dozens of Big Eye Jacks and two Giant Travally, in fact G.T. were seen on every dive site, Sharks on three sites even with the temperature at 30 deg C. 

On the way home to Jeddah we departed Rabiqh at 01:30 in the morning and arrived at Abu-Madafi at 0600hrs dived the Boiler Wreck and the caves behind, exited the reef South turned North back to the wreck and carried on North to the African Wreck, final Dive was Champagne and the sand eels break dancing, also a anomaly as the site is just like Rabiqh but in Jeddah area, soft and hard corrals with vibrant colors and thousands of reef fish the difference between the Madafi Wrecks reef and Champagne is chalk and cheese or to put it bluntly rubbish and beautiful.

With best regards


Eric and Crews

Dream Divers a part of Al-Ahlam Holding Group are proud to announce the opening of the new 200 rooms Ibis Hotel in Yanbu. Safe, Clean, Comfortable and Affordable. This Ibis Hotel is perfect for families and businessmen alike, short or long stay we will treat you for what you are special. 
If you are a Diver, the Dream Diver Dive Shop is part of the Hotel so to book trips or even introduce your family to diving, pop down and see the staff they will do everything you require to facilitate this, even better the training pool is also part of our Hotel, book a try dive yourself it is really a different world. 
For General Informations and bookings H7997-GM@ACCOR.COM limosine  service available.

This is our new email contact 

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Dear guests for live aboard  charters surveys and Diver Services, please contact in Jeddah 

Eric:                           00966505582723

Xavier:                       00966508829760 

Quader Ali:                00966549202159

For diving instruction please contact:

For Yanbu Mr. Safwat: 00966543127336

For Alith Mr. Yasser Shafi             00966567666490

For Male or Female requiring English language diving Instruction Please contact:

 Ms Maggi            00966504618367.

For day diving Jeddah please contact.

Mr.Ashgar on 0508157355

For day Diving Alith please contact:

Mr. Yasser Shafi  00966567666490

For day Diving Yanbu  please contact:

Mr. Safwat 00966543127336

For day Diving Gazzan please contact:

Mr. Tariq 00966533232170.

 Thanks & regards

   Eric and Crew


Saudi Arabia having the longest coastline of any country bordering the Red Sea, the Eastern seaboard of the Red Sea certainly has some of the most exiting diving to be found, unlike Egypt, Saudi Arabia has two Liveaboard dive boats and one Liveaboard operator, therefore ensuring no other Dive boats, a fact that still after four years of successful operation, thanks to God, our guests still remark upon.

thank you for your support

Eric and Crew